6 (Quick) Tips For When You’re Injured on a Construction Site [New York]

6 (Quick) Tips For When You’re Injured on a Construction Site [New York]

Warning! You MUST Know These Things if Injured on a New York Construction Site

New York Construction Accident InjuryEveryone knows that construction sites are dangerous, even for lifelong veterans of the industry. Without the proper precautions, safety equipment, and information, danger can quickly turn to hazardous, or even fatal. Sometimes, even with all these things, accidents happen on construction sites that leave people severely injured, temporarily or permanently, and in some cases, the injuries lead to death.

In New York, it seems that construction never ceases. Something, somewhere, always needs repair, remodeling, rebuilding, or constructing. A place that never sleeps never stops growing, either! In a place with endless construction zones can be especially treacherous, and not every danger can be predicted, or prevented.

Few people know the rules and regulations of New York construction sites, let alone what to do in the event of a construction-related accident. Below is a brief overview of need-to-know-info for during and after any construction zone incident.

New York: Get Fair and Just Compensation For Construction Accident Injuries

According to the New York regulations for construction workers and zones, certain duties and stipulations mean you are immediately entitled to certain benefits and procedures, should you have an accident on the job. However, if you fail to take every precaution and safety measure demonstrated in your training or utilize any equipment issued by your superiors, and you sustain an injury, everything to which you are entitled is forfeited, and you will lose all forms of compensation. This is why it can be important to talk to a New York construction accident lawyer to make sure that you’re not bamboozled out of your rights.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to keep yourself protected by state laws! It is far better to be overly cautious where construction injuries are concerned than not careful enough. Take extra precautions while inside construction sites (and don’t be afraid to stick with someone who could act as a partner and witness, if you have an accident), and be even more vigilant after an injury occurs.

Gather Evidence After the Construction Site Accident

Injured on Construction Site AccidentAs with any injury or incident that must be reported, there is no such thing as too much proof. Without sufficient evidence, anyone can say that things did not happen according to your claims. Admitting fault in such incidents usually means losing thousands of dollars for the responsible parties, and no one likes that! So, to keep your rear covered on all bases, record everything around you at the time of the accident, no matter how trivial it seems to you at the time. The smallest details often contribute the most vital information later, so take plenty of pictures, take names and contact information for any potential witnesses, make note of the condition of the immediate area in which your accident occurred, and document when and how many times you attempted to make contact with the appropriate authorities.

New York construction site injury claims are often dismissed solely on the lack of evidence of reaching out to the construction supervisors and city officials after the accident. Above all, when in doubt, prove it! With that being said even if you don’t have a lot of evidence, it’s always a good idea to contact a construction accident attorney because they may be able to help you with your claims.

Immediately After Your Construction Accident

Even if you feel that your sore muscle or sprained joint will heal on its own within a few days, go to a doctor! There’s no need to rush to the nearest emergency room (unless it IS, in fact, an emergency; in which case, a witness or local New York authority will usually call for an ambulance as part of their civic duty), but try to get your regular doctor or a nearby medical clinic to squeeze you in for an exam within 24 hours of the accident. The longer you wait to seek treatment, the more likely your case will be dismissed because of lack of correspondence of your injuries to the accident. Officials could also raise the question of the overall severity of your injuries if you wait longer than a day to report them and seek medical attention, so don’t give them cause to do so! It is better to find out that your wounds aren’t serious after all, than to suffer for weeks, or months, with severe injuries for which you end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars out of pocket, or leave untreated because you can’t afford a doctor’s care.

Also, be sure to follow any doctor’s orders word-for-word, so the claim can’t be dismissed due to negligence or willful defiance on your part.

Construction Accidents NYC: Know Your Rights

Construction Accidents Know Your Rights

Many people opt to hire construction accident lawyers to guide them through any legal action resulting from a New York construction accident. Before you grab the phone book, however, do some reading on the state laws regarding construction zones and accidents and your rights as an injury victim. The more you know about your situation before consulting construction injury attorneys, the more informed your ultimate decision will be, and the more you will get from their assistance. Even if you decide not to hire an attorney, many of them offer free consultations to discuss your options and answer any remaining questions you have about rights, regulations, and steps to take until your case is reviewed and closed.

Don’t be afraid to consult with more than one attorney, either! Treat the information they give you like you would a physician’s diagnosis, and feel free to get a second opinion. There’s no such thing as being too informed when it comes to your future and your wellbeing.

In most cases, however, lawyers, courts and lawsuits can be avoided if worker’s compensation or another form of insurance covers any construction site injuries, time missed from work or other expenses incurred as a result of the incident. If this is the case, you can save a great deal of time, hassle and money, so be sure to pursue the right course of actions for your unique situation.

NY Construction Accidents: Should I Sue?

If you do not have to sue an individual or company after an injury in a construction zone, don’t! Even if the responsible party initially tries to deny culpability, in many cases they will agree to settle out-of-court to avoid negative publicity or “mud-slinging” that could ruin their reputation. This is where your research and evidence will come in handy! If workman’s comp or your private insurance won’t cover your expenses, or only covers part of your bills and lost wages, and you have to seek further compensation, consult your attorney about the best method for this madness. You stand a better chance at fair compensation outside of court than following through with a full-fledged lawsuit that can often be more exhausting and disappointing than fruitful.

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